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Golden AQS LLC is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. It was founded with the purpose to help entrepreneurs and businessowners scale their businesses. 

Golden AQS is focused on Strategic Consulting and assists with re-engineering inadequate systems within the operational, sales and recruiting scope.


Who is behind Golden AQS

Move with Intention

Desiree Guinto was born and raised in Germany.

She has a degree in International Relations and began her career as a government liaison and consultant. After moving to NY, she ventured into Sales and Marketing and has since been successful in scaling small and medium sized businesses.

Once learning the essentials on how to build and sell, she was able to make a mark within the direct sales industry. She managed, implemented and built sales teams nationwide for Fortune 500 companies, such as DirecTV and Verizon. Her accomplishments within the direct sales industry carved her path towards renewable energy. She pioneered one of the first “door-to-door” Solar campaigns in the US. 

As former CEO of America Green Solar, her knowledge of multiple languages and passion for the environment made her a frequent speaker at the UN Youth Assemblies as well as a consultant for the National Language Service Corps. 

She continues to provide Strategic Consulting and assist with re-engineering inadequate systems. Her current clients are within the renewable energy industry and health & wellness.

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